We are a branding, print, and web design boutique studio based in the United States with a strong focus in brand development and execution

Since 2012, Ioana Odeh Creative Studio has created, designed, and redesigned beautiful, contemporary, and sophisticated brands for clients around the world.

We’re always on the lookout for forward-thinking clients who want to amplify their brands or breathe color and energy into their startups. Our studio is a collaboration of reliable & extremely talented professionals across industries with a wide range of skills and services. We design with flair, write with purpose, & build tailor-made identities for lifestyle brands.

Throughout the design process, you work directly with me, Ioana Odeh as your brand counselor, brand stylist & creative director. Communication, quality, and your vision are so important to me. Together, we can create a remarkable & outstanding brand identity. The design will reflect your style and tone, speak to you and your clients alike, and provide you with a brilliant marketing tool for your business for years to come.

Our core team